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As crocheters, there are certain tools we absolutely need to do our work. Of course, our favourite hooks in a variety of sizes and obviously yarn. Those are definitely the two most important items but I was curious as to what others found to be essential tools and accessories. I was very excited to ask this question recently in my Instagram stories because everyone has different needs and different focuses when they crochet.

I have some of the most wonderful Instagram followers. They are so supportive, kind and creative and I knew that they would totally help me out with this one. And no surprise, they shared some wonderful insight into their most frequently used accessories. So, I’ve put together a post sharing the most popular items mentioned along with some of my own favourite crochet tools that I find useful.

Check it out below…

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It’s not a surprise that my followers said that scissors were their top crochet tool. I expected this because it’s kind of important, right? We need to be able to cut the yarn and it’s very easy to stash a small pair of scissors away in your yarn bag or keep on your desk. There are a lot of different options and some absolutely adorable designs. I have 5 pairs of scissors: one that I use regularly and keep on my desk, another pair that I keep in my crochet travel bag and 3 others on my yarn shelf as extras. I don’t have anything particularly fancy or expensive; I think 3 of my scissors came from the dollar store and the other two from Amazon. But they’re small, sharp and they do the trick!

The second most popular tool mentioned was a tapestry needle (yarn needle, darning needle). That’s right….those little sneaky things that get lost in the couch cushions or in the bottom of your crochet bag. These are incredibly helpful items to have, especially in different sizes so that you can match them up appropriately to your yarn weight or project. There was a special mention by a few people that they prefer to use ones with a bent tip because it makes the process of weaving in ends a lot easier. I’ve seen those in the store and it’s good to know that they make a difference! Perhaps something to add to my Christmas list this year! I have the Clover Chibi set that came with 3 needles and I love the little case they came in. There’s a lot of extra room inside so you can stash a few different sized yarn needles and always know where they are.

Stitch markers were another special mention. I know quite a few people who just use small strands of yarn to mark places in projects (and we know that there’s always some yarn scraps hanging around). Personally, I prefer using stitch markers because I find them more secure and it makes me feel confident to move around with my projects because I don’t have to worry about loosing my place. I have a ton of stitch markers…a small basket on my desk, a container for extras…some upstairs in my yarn stash…a few in my crochet travel bag. Honestly, they’re everywhere but I use them a lot for securing projects and marking rows or special stitches.

A measuring tape was an item that a few people mentioned. If you make garments, are working on a project that has a particular gauge, or, you are aiming for a certain size…this tool is definitely important. When I started crocheting, I didn’t use a measuring tape often but I did learn quickly how helpful it can be. So now I have 3!

A few other answers that were submitted:
– A ring that guides your yarn while crocheting
– A needle minder to keep those pesky tools from disappearing
– A row counter to keep track of your place in larger projects
– A yarn bowl to keep your skeins/cakes/balls from rolling around

Some special mentions on items I use a lot and find to be helpful when I’m crocheting:
– A pin cushion (check out my Happy Flower Pin Cushion pattern)
– Project bags (I have 2 that I use regularly). A smaller one which holds a skein and my small project along with a pocket for my tools. I also have a larger one that holds bigger projects like shawls, some wearables, etc. These are great for taking on road trips or keeping your w.i.p’s contained and organized at home. I use them a lot!

– Hook organization is important for me so that I can easily access to my most commonly used crochet hooks and to keep them safe. I have a jar with some cotton fluff in the bottom for my aluminum hooks and scissor. I re-purposed an empty sundried tomato jar and crocheted some granny squares to spruce it up. I love how it turned out!

– I really enjoy using Furls crochet hooks so storing them properly is important. I love this hook stand because it keeps them safe, displays them nicely and keeps the hooks within easy reach on my desk. Aren’t they pretty?

– A jar for collecting yarn scraps so they don’t get scattered all over my desk and the floor.
– A scale for weighing yarn and projects to calculate yardage. I find this most helpful as a designer so that I can provide important details within my patterns about how much yarn is needed for a particular project. I purchased the Amazon Basics one and it works really well.

Do you have any favourite crochet tools and accessories? Which ones do you find most helpful? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about your faves!

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Happy Crocheting!


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  1. Thanks! Now my wish list has grown! I have started to always insert my needle in my pant leg fabric to keep track of it. My daughter does embroidery and it’s become a joke whenever either of us says, “Where is my needle?” or “Where are my scissors?” It’s definitely dangerous to go searching for them between the cushions!

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