Even Moss Stitch – Crochet Tutorial


The even moss stitch is a wonderfully simple stitch that has such an amazing texture. The 3rd loop from the half double crochet stitches create a pretty effect that becomes the focus as your project grows. The slip stitch pulls the half double crochet down just slightly to create this pretty accent.

To learn how to make the even moss stitch and for ideas on how to incorporate it into your crochet projects, please check out the tutorial below…

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For this tutorial you will need the following materials:

  • Worsted weight yarn (the yarn in these photos is Berroco Comfort. Please use whatever worsted weight #4 yarn you are most comfortable with).
  • A crochet hook to compliment your yarn choice (I will be using a 5mm Furls Streamline Ebony hook). Depending on your yarn, a 4mm-6mm hook could work too!
  • Scissors and yarn needle if you want to fasten off and weave in ends.


  • CH (chain)
  • SS (slip stitch)
  • HDC (half double crochet)

Tutorial Notes:

  •  This written tutorial also includes photos to help explain stitch placements and provide a clear visual of how the swatch looks while working up the rows.
  • This stitch combination is worked by crocheting an even number of chain stitches.
  • The turning chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • You will always start each row with a SS and finish the row with a SS.
  • After the first row, you will always be working each stitch into the same stitch as the previous row. For example, your SS stitch will be worked into the SS of the previous row. The HDC will be worked into the HDC of the previous row.
  • The SS is naturally tighter than other stitches. Work your first and last SS of the row with a slightly loose tension to make it easier to stitch into when you crochet the next row.
  • In order to allow the stitch definition to shine through, it is recommended to use a solid colour yarn instead of a variegated style.

Even Moss Stitch Tutorial:

Begin by chaining 14. You will start row 1 in the second chain from your hook.

Row 1:

Into the first stitch (second chain from hook as seen above), place 1 SS. Into the next stitch, place 1 HDC. Repeat this sequence of SS, HDC across the chain. The final stitch should be 1 SS.

(7 SS, 6 HDC stitches = 13 stitches)

Row 2:

CH 1 and turn your work. Making sure to not stitch into your turning CH, place 1 SS into the first stitch (it is the last SS you completed in row 1). Into the next stitch, place 1 HDC. Repeat this sequence of SS, HDC across the row. The final stitch should be 1 SS. CH 1 and turn.

(7 SS, 6 HDC stitches = 13 stitches)

And that’s it! Once you have established the width by making any even number of chain stitches, simply repeat row 2 for as long as you’d like! Isn’t it amazing all the different stitch combinations you can make from the basic stitches?

Don’t forget, each row begins and ends with a SS.

Project Ideas for The Even Moss Stitch:
Think about the size of the project you want to make. You might need to pull out your measuring tape to get a visual of the size. Crochet an even number of chain stitches to approximately match the width you want and begin your slip stitch/half double crochet repetitions.

  • Washcloths are a great way to learn and practice new stitches. Don’t forget to switch your acrylic yarn over to cotton when making projects like this for easy use/care and washing.
  • Face scrubbies are even smaller projects that are practical and make great gift ideas!
  • Coasters are wonderful options than you can easily customize with various colours.
  • Scarves and neck warmers are great ideas! Crochet a long, rectangle in an appropriate width for a scarf. Stitch the ends together to turn it into a neck warmer or infinity scarf.
  • If you’re ready to tackle a larger project, you can use this stitch to create a blanket.

Get creative and experiment with the Even Moss Stitch using bulky weight or other styles of yarn. It’s a versatile stitch combination that looks beautiful in many different crochet projects. How will you use this stitch and what will you make next?

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