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Recently I saw on the WeCrochet Instagram account that they were offering Mystery Bags containing a stash of yarny goodness. I’m not typically one to purchase things like this because I don’t always enjoy what’s included and the idea of spending money on yarn and accessories that I might not use isn’t super appealing to me. However, one thing that did catch my attention was that WeCrochet was offering three different versions so I could choose a bag based on the yarn type which I thought was great. That way I know I’ll be getting yarn that I’ll have a good chance of using and both my money and the product won’t be wasted.

So….what mystery bag did I choose and what was inside? Continue reading below to find out…

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I was not asked to write this review. I purchased this mystery bag because it caught my eye and I’m sharing my personal experience purchasing and working with this product.

At the time of writing this review (February 15th, 2023), WeCrochet current has three different mystery bags available on their website. They are at the moment out of stock due to popularity however there is a note for each bag stating that they will once again be available on February 17th, 2023. I don’t know how often WeCrochet plans to restock these items or if they will be limited. I would recommend keeping an eye out regularly if this is a product you are interested in.

So, I placed an order on February 8th, 2023 and the order shipped the next day, arriving on my doorstep February 13th, 2023. Now this is a really great shipping speed because I live in Canada and WeCrochet is based in the United States. I do order from them a few times throughout the year and have found that order processing and shipping is a really big strong point for them. I’ve always been very impressed.

I do enjoy using a variety of yarn but most of my pattern designing falls into working with acrylic based yarn because I find it most accessible for those who interested in crocheting my patterns. I purchased the “acrylic and blends yarns” bag not really knowing what would arrive in terms of yarn weight or products. This kit was noted to include an assortment of yarn (8 skeins to be exact), a canvas tote bag with an adorable kitten and yarn themed picture on the front, and a crochet themed enamel pin. I went for this bag for the fibre content of the yarn and also the specific print on the tote because I love all things cats so it was a great option for me.

The other two mystery bags available are “worsted superwash yarns” and “fingering weight yarns” each including a tote with a different image, pin and of course the appropriate type of yarn.

When my order arrived, the whole little kit was package very sweetly in a cute box with everything neatly placed inside. I was a little surprised at the box because it was promoted as a “mystery bag” so I just assumed that the items would be been tucked inside the tote instead. However, the box is quite sturdy and as crafters know, there’s always use for a good box! So, I know you’re wondering….here’s what was in mine:

I received two colours of Upcycle Alpaca Blend Sport which is a new yarn line for me. I haven’t crocheted with it before so I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I appreciated having complimenting shades so that I could use them together if I wanted to make something like scarf. These were great finds.

Heatherly Sport was also exciting to see included because I LOVE Heatherly worsted so having a hank of the sport version is very cool.

Brava yarn is a staple for me because it’s 100% acrylic, easily washable and has a great selection of colours. I mostly use worsted but my sport weight collection of Brava is slowly growing so I was pleased to find 3 shades inside. These will definitely get used.

The last 2 skeins were both Brava worsted, one in stripes and the other in speckle. I think these would make great one skein projects!

The tote is fabulous, really nice and sturdy for holding lots of yarn and projects. It has a small magnet inside at the top for keep it closed at centre. The strap is not adjustable but it’s a decent length and fits well, especially when draped over across the body. It will be handy to have and would make an excellent project bag for grabbing when you’re heading out the door.

Unfortunately, the enamel pin was not to be found which was a little disappointing because it would have been cute to attach to my tote bag. However, it really wasn’t a big deal because I was mostly interested in purchasing this mystery kit for the yarn.

So let’s break it down now and compare the cost of the mystery bag (box?) to what was inside mine using the regular prices listed on the WeCrochet website.

The whole mystery bag is advertised as $39.99 USD (all three bags cost the same regardless)

Adding up all the individual items in the box (not including the missing pin) comes to $65.91 (USD) (before taxes). There’s definitely a good value here with the mystery bag. Keep in mind that some of the items included that I mentioned are on sale and clearance at the time of writing this post which leads me to believe that the mystery box might be a limited product to help clear out some older stock. I don’t know for sure but that’s what what comes to mind for me. So next time you see them available on the WeCrochet website, I definitely feel like it’s a fun and worthwhile opportunity to try some new yarn and and enjoy a surprise or two!

I was very pleased and impressed with what was in mine and enjoyed the opportunity to choose a box based on the type of yarn. I think it’s a good value and who doesn’t love happy yarn mail?

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you purchased your own mystery bag from WeCrochet, I’d love to hear which one you picked and perhaps what yarn you might be hoping for! Please feel free to connect with be below in the post comments.

Happy crocheting!

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