Ordering From WeCrochet (Is It Worth It?)


Recently I placed my first order from WeCrochet. As someone who lives in Canada, there can sometimes be hesitation ordering from outside the country. Exchange rates, shipping time and duties can play a part in deterring placing an order to a company outside the country. However, I have heard great things from other maker friends about the products available which definitely swayed my interest in ordering. I also follow WeCrochet on Instagram and was always impressed with the beautiful yarns and colours that always seemed to be popping up. So, I decided to place an order…but was it worth it?

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase items through the links I have shared, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the time and work I put into this website and pattern designing.

I was a little hesitant to place my order. Due to current situations that are creating stocking issues and shipping delays, I wasn’t sure if there was a risk with things taking forever to arrive or not being available. When I logged into WeCrochet and started browsing, there was a really great sale so I took that as a sign that it was a good day to place my first order. This was the perfect time to try new brands and styles of yarn that I don’t have access to (or can access for a reasonable price) through Canadian retailers. As a crochet designer and blogger, it’s very important for me to try new fibres. It’s how I grow and connect with others and learn more about what’s available in the industry. How different yarns work up, sharing reviews with my followers, etc. And to be honest, who doesn’t love playing with new yarn?

What is The Website Like?

The WeCrochet website is beautifully laid out. I found everything very easy to navigate through. Sales and clearance items were not hidden and I didn’t have to go digging around to find items of interest. Everything I looked at was in stock and available for shipping.

There are a ton of maker tools and different yarn varieties. Yarn brands that you are familiar with from other companies but also their own Knit Picks brand. A quick note, Knit Picks launched WeCrochet in 2019 which is a sister brand focusing on more crochet related items. Update note (December 30th 2023): I have since ordered from Knit Picks a few times with the same wonderful results! Although Knit Picks is geared to knitters, the yarn selection is pretty much the same!

Accessing the entire WeCrochet website was an easy and enjoyable experience. All their stock has great photos, information and reviews so you can go over all the details of each item before you add it to your cart. Checkout was a breeze and everything was neatly organized.

They also seem to have fun promotions regularly which you can take advantage of with eligible purchases.

The search bar finds relevant results making what you are looking for easy to locate. The product categories are full of items and sub-sections all organized simply and allowing for an enjoyable browsing and/or shopping experience.

What Did I Order?

Here are the products I purchased. Click each item to view it on the WeCrochet website using my affiliate link.

The yarn will be for future design projects and yarn reviews (check out my Dishie cotton review here). The lint shaver was for giving my older crochet project around the home a re-fresh (it was a game changer and something I didn’t know I needed). The zippered project bag was for extra organization and the scissors/tape measure were to keep in my little crochet travel bag. The yarn bowl was simply because I have wanted one for a long time and it was listed for a great sale price.

How Are The Prices?

I found the prices to be fair and reasonable. Combined with the sales that were available at the time, it ended up being a really good deal for what I purchased. I took a look around the site and even the items not on sale or clearance were decent and competitively priced.

One thing I found to be really interesting was that if the item you were looking at was also included as part of a discount bundle, WeCrochet mentioned it and provided links to show you the deals. I liked their honestly and being upfront about all the ways their products were available.

Fees and Shipping

One thing I do have to take into account is the exchange rate. But between the sales, the free shipping threshold ($75.00 ships free to Canada) and access to new yarns, it was a great opportunity to place an online order. In my opinion, the prices and fees were extremely reasonable for me to purchase while living Canada. I did not encounter any duties for this order either.

What I did not expect was the shipping process and how quickly my order arrived. It had been processed and shipped within 2 days and I had the order on my doorstep in under 8 days. That was fantastic. Everything was packaged nicely and securely in a box.

Product Quality

I was thrilled with the quality of the items I received. All the yarn was gorgeous and had such beautiful shades. The colourways were similar to how they appeared in the website photos and everything was as advertised. Of course this experience can differ depending on the screen of your device.

The non-yarn items were fabulous too. My yarn bowl arrived safely packaged in its own box and was absolutely stunning. The lint shaver seems decent and is a practical accessory to have on hand. I’ve used it a few times on some hats and it’s done a nice job getting rid of the yarn pilling that naturally happens over time and use.

The project bag is sturdy and didn’t have any chemical smell that is sometimes present with plastic based items. Stitching and zipper all seem well done and secure.

I’m also very happy with the retractable measuring tape and scissors. They are the perfect addition to my crochet travel kit.

Will I Be A Returning Customer?

You bet! I placed another order using a 25% code that was being promoted over the Black Friday weekend. It hasn’t had the same processing time and is taking a little longer however that is to be expected when there is an influx of sales. I ordered some more Brava yarn and a few other new fibres. Keep an eye out on the blog because there’s a list of reviews and patterns coming over the next few months!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you’re from Canada and have been thinking about expanding your experiences purchasing from other yarn retailers, particularly from the United States, I definitely recommend WeCrochet. There are so many different yarns and accessories to explore and try. You won’t be disappointed!

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