Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart

As a crocheter, you most likely learned to read and understand crochet stitch terms in either US terms or UK terms. While both create the same basic stitches, the terms for some of them are in fact different. If you’re used to following one set of terms, finding the other style in a pattern can seem a little confusing or intimidating.

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25 Inspiring Crochet Accounts on Instagram

Instagram has no shortage of crochet related accounts. The photos, makers and projects to scroll through are endless and can provide an amazing source of connection and inspiration. One of the things I discovered since creating my own account was the consistent support that crocheters have and often display towards each other. Hashtags like #followfriday and #communityovercompetition are great examples of the encouraging themes within the online crafting world. 

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Furls Crochet Hooks – Review

*I am not being paid or compensated for this review. This write up includes my honest thoughts and impressions on these products through personal use*

Let’s talk crochet hooks. Through the accounts I follow on Instagram and also from some of the crochet groups I’m part of on Facebook, I kept hearing the name “Furls” being mentioned. “They’re the best hook I ever owned!” and “they are gorgeous hooks!” were fairly common remarks from numerous people. Clearly, I needed to look into this brand.

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Picot Points Square (Free Pattern)

This square motif is a great little project. It’s perfect for when you have that itch to make something but don’t know what. A small project is always a great way to get motivated when need a push to get back into the crafty zone. It also is a nice project for scrap yarn or little left over balls from other projects.

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Moss Stitch Tutorial (and how to crochet a simple scarf or cowl with it)

For this tutorial, you will need to be familiar with the basics of creating chains and the single crochet stitch.

The moss stitch (also known as the linen stitch) is a simple and repetitive pattern that is a great beginner project for creating a variety of items. Depending on the yarn and hook used, it can work up to be fairly dense without the appearance of holes or gaps. For this reason, it is a common stitch for washcloths, scarfs and blankets.

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